Marney Blair

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What Readers Are Saying .......

"Your book is so beautiful. Aja has been reading it aloud to us. Very sweet.”  Bill Blair

"A lovely looking book and all the ways you have deepened and enriched the story make this a very moving read. I am struck anew by your utterly fresh way of apprehending the world. So many unexpected but perfectly true observations, and such soul!" Susan Bono 

"I feel stimulated by your story.  It evoked a range of sensibilities that speak to me- nature, the great consciousness, the ways our beings exhibit our experience, the unfolding journey that has so many unknowable turns, and of course the relationship w your mother.  It's intriguing to see pieces woven together.  It feels more frank, in that way, than most things I read."  Carolyn Shoulders 

"Your love for your mom and both your stories are completely compelling.  I want to say how impressed I am with your book, and also your life. So much life, love, art, over and over. I couldn't put your book down, truly."  Susan Bobst

“ You write in a painterly manner, so many small details so artfully woven - smells, sounds, images, inner and outer realities. You really brought me right there, right beside you. Great storytelling art !”  Patricia Kaminski


Marney is a farmer.

For the last fourteen years she has made a living from this land in Northern California. The bounty nourished her. 

Seven years ago she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a retinal eye disease that usually leads to blindness. 

The memoir takes the reader on a journey deep into nature. It is the light and color that radiates from the natural world that helps to heal her.

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Marney Blair


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